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Are you using the WC Vendor marketplace to create a marketplace in WordPress? The default fields provided by the plugin WC Vendor are not enough for all types of products. We need to create new fields and allow vendors to add or edit them from their dashboards for all the products. It will require coding skills, right? No, we have a solution for you that you can do with a few clicks. ACF For WC Vendors Pro will do that for you.

While creating new products, the admin can quickly establish custom fields for vendors. To allow a vendor to use a custom field created with Advance Custom Field, the admin must check the box labeled “Vendor Edits Allowed.”

acf settings panel

Once the field settings are applied, the vendor will be able to add values for those custom fields while adding or editing the product.

wc vendors pro dashboard

You can refer to the blogs to display custom field values:

How to Display Custom Fields in WordPress

Display Custom Fields for User Profiles

The plugin ACF For WC Vendors PRO is compatible with WC Vendor Pro and ACF free or PRO versions.

If you are using Dokan instead of WC Vendor, we have the same solution for Dokan as well. You can checkout ACF For Dokan and ACF For Dokan Pro.

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  • Allows admin to create a new custom field for add or edit products from the vendor dashboard
  • The plugin required WC Vendor Pro as it provides the ability to add or edit products from the vendor dashboard
  • Supported field types are text, textarea, number, URL, select, email, checkbox, and radio
  • No license needed, purchase once and use unlimited times
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Created On:
December 3, 2022
Compatible With:
WordPress 5.1 or more, ACF, ACF Pro, WC Vendor Pro