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Admin can easily create custom fields for customers while he is creating his account in the register form. While creating a custom field using Advance Custom Field, the admin needs to select ‘Customer Edits Allowed’ so that customer can use that custom field.

Admin needs to select User Role equals to Customer in the custom field location rules to make this setting work. After customers login, they can update the custom fields from the edit account page.

The supported field types of ACF are text, textarea, number, URL, select, checkbox, radio, file, email.

The plugin will work with ACF-free as well as PRO versions.

Now, the field is created for a customer. You can use the below ACF functions to display the value:

the_field(‘field_name’, ‘user_1’); // where 1 indicates user ID

echo get_field(‘field_name’, ‘user_1’);

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  • Allows admin to create a new custom field for customer registration form.
  • The customer can update it from the edit account page
  • Supported field types are text, textarea, number, url, select, checkbox, radio, file, email
  • No license needed, purchase once and use unlimited times
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Created On:
November 27, 2021
Compatible With:
WordPress 5.1 or more, WooCommerce, ACF, ACF Pro, Dokan, Dokan Pro
Files Included:
PHP Files