How to add a custom field in registration form in WooCommerce

WooCommerce WordPress plugin has pretty much everything that an online eCommerce store requires. In recent times WooCommerce has emerged as a platform to grow your online store. The main benefit WooCommerce has is its plethora of plugins. WooCommerce has a plugin for anything and everything. Every single functionality can be added with the help of a plugin. WooCommerce is the right place to grow your online eCommerce store. So let us understand how to add custom registration from the field in WooCommerce.

How to add custom registration from the field in WooCommerce?

To begin with, make sure that your account has the WooCommerce form field enabled on your login page. For checking out the enable of WooCommerce form filled go to settings>account and check the enable customer registration form field. After enabling this you can see the WooCommerce registration field on the dashboard.

By enabling this field, you are now ready to start your user journey. The WooCommerce form is pretty much basic and if you have to add extra fields like name, last name, birth date, gender, phone number, and any other field what you need to do is to add the lines of coding in the PHP section of your website.

Well for a layman this task seems a very mountainous one. Adding code to a website is a very hefty and time-consuming task. What if I tell you that there is a simpler way of doing this? Yes, you seemed pretty much amazed but yes, it is possible. At KrazyPlugins, we have developed a plugin that works very smoothly and quickly. The plugin is known as the ACF For WooCommerce plugin.

ACF For WooCommerce

ACF For WooCommerce plugin lets you add customized fields in the registration form without writing a single word of coding. Admin can add as many custom fields as he requires in the registration form. ACF For WooCommece plugin pretty much simplifies your task of adding fields in the registration form.

Now you might be wondering what if the customer wants to update the information well that is also possible on the edit account page. ACF For WooCommerce plugin supports field types like text, text area, number, URL, select, checkbox, radio, file, and email. So, what are you waiting for? Use the ACF For WooCommerce plugin to add as many fields as you want to add to your registration form.