YITH Wishlist For Dokan Launch Offer

We all know that what is the use of wishlist and how it can help business to grow. If you are not aware with it, you can check here. The marketplaces are also using the wishlist function. But the challenge here is, they do not allow their vendors to see the wishlist items. If the vendors who are selling the products have an idea then they can plan maketing accordingly. Ideas like which of his product is in wishlist, how many times, etc. This will not only increase the sale of your vendors but it will give you profit as marketplace owner as you are also earning commission.

These statistics will help them to get tractions on their product in terms of sale. They can offer some discounts, create an offer with their other product, plan free delivery and many more options. How can we make this enable for vendors?

We have the solution if you are using Dokan marketplace with YITH Wishlist free or premium plugin. You can use our product called YITH Wishlist For Dokan. This will give all the vendors an ability to view all the wishlist products, how many times that product is in wishlist. We have not added the feature to give the user’s information to vendor who has kept that item in wishlist because that is only in the premium version of YITH wishlist and all the marketplace owners might want to reveal the data due to privacy of their users.

We are launching soon with the YITH Wishlist For Dokan. If you want to take advantage of the early bird discount, fill out the form below to receive a 20% discount coupon code. The promo code will be emailed to you, and you will be alerted via email when the product goes online.

You can check the YITH Wishlist For Dokan plugin here.

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