Ways to Improve the Speed of Your WooCommerce Store

Ways to Improve the Speed of Your WooCommerce Store

Ways to Improve the Speed of Your WooCommerce Store. The speed of your website is the most important aspect of it. Assume you want to buy a pair of jeans and you’ve arrived at your destination, but the site is taking too long to load your desired item. What are your plans? Close that website and proceed to the next. This is an excellent example of why website performance is critical. You will lose prospective buyers if you do not keep up with the pace. Here are the top five ways to improve your WooCommerce store.

5 ways you can improve your WooCommerce store

1.         Begin with a good host

The primary structure of your website is determined by the host, which is the foundation of your site. As a result, it is preferable that you select the ideal host. Performance should never be compromised. Always check for features such as server-side caching, high-performance SSD drives, adequate resources such as bandwidth and RAM, and the use of technologies such as MYSQL and PHP.

Always avoid host-sharing hosts since when you choose a shared plan, thousands of sites will be heaped up on the same resources. Choose a hosting company with a restricted number of sites, or upgrade to a VPS or dedicated server plan to acquire your own space.

2.        Limited use of the plugin

The biggest advantage of WordPress is the abundance of plugins accessible, but this does not imply that you should install them all. Excess plugins can slow down your site because they add more CSS and JavaScript files to it. Increasing the number of database queries. Many plugins use data from your database to display items on the front end. This puts an additional load on your server. As a result, it is preferable to apply a limited plugin to improve your speed.

3.        Compress images

When someone visits your website every time the browser has to load all the data of your site like media files, JavaScript, CSS, well, that depends upon the size of your website. When you install a caching plugin the browser will automatically save all of this data so that when the user returns to your site it will load faster.

4.        Install a caching plugin

When someone visits your website, the browser must load all of your site’s data, such as media files, JavaScript, and CSS, depending on the size of your website. When you install a caching plugin, the browser will automatically save all of this data, allowing your site to load faster when the user returns.

5.        Consider lazy loading images

When you have long pages on your site, always enable slow loading images. This function automatically delays page loading until the user scrolls down to where the page appears. This means your user will not have to wait for your media to load before viewing your content. WordPress offers a number of plugins and solutions for enabling lazy image loading.

Having a fast website is also necessary for SEO ranking because Google prioritizes loading speed in its algorithm. Customers will visit your website more frequently if it is fast, and this will result in a large amount of traffic. This results in increased sales. These five methods are the most effective for keeping up with the pace of your website. 

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