Wishlist: The Secret Weapon for Online Store Owners to Drive Profitability

A wishlist is an awesome way to attract customers to your online store owners to make frequent purchases and build long-lasting relationships as they want to make purchases at a later stage for the list created.

The Secret Weapon for Online Store Owners to Drive Profitability

Let us take a glance at some of the advantages an online store owners can get through a wishlist:

Optimized time and efforts for your customers

When visitors land at your store for the first time, they always expect to get the best deals and shopping experience. 

And for this reason, many eCommerce stores provide personalized features to your potential customers to convert them into long-lasting loyal customers. 

But what’s stopping them from being a loyal customer? It’s time and effort. If you can save them through a wishlist or other stunning features, do you think they would make purchases elsewhere?

The best opportunity to promote your products

Having a wishlist on your eCommerce store has a great advantage, especially for promoting your products. 

This is because when your customers start creating a wishlist for their selected products, you can also recommend similar products or promote newly launched products, increasing the AOV (Average Order Value) because now they are buying not just one product but the second product as well.

Significant sales growth

As and when a customer creates a wishlist of selected products that indicates he//she wants to buy those products at a later stage. 

This indirectly encourages recurring purchases and increases sales for eCommerce store owners because now your customer wants to buy the same product multiple times at regular times. There is uncertainty in the return timeframe, but that customer will surely make purchases after comparing all prices. 

Automation leads you to expansion

After carefully analyzing the customer’s journey, you can automate the process from sending email notifications to recommending new and similar products regularly. 

This will decrease your manual work, and you can focus on other areas of your eCommerce business. Automation has changed the path for many businesses in the last few years. As a result, they have seen a tremendous increase in sales, engagement and revenue.

A secret tool for lead generation

The first thing a visitor is asked while arriving at your online store is an email address. This is where everything lies. 

You can send them newsletters with seasonal offers, discounts and giveaways using their email addresses. 

This will encourage them to keep coming to your online store and for you a golden opportunity to generate leads. 

Based on your customer’s interest, you can recommend products they wish to buy, if not now, then later.

Make the best use of their wishlist information for email and other digital marketing campaigns

When you have their wishlist information, you can use it to promote your products or new launches through emails, social media, and Google ads campaigns. 

Once they have purchased from your online store, you can retarget them through various mediums to increase customer retention and provide them seamless shopping experience whenever they visit your online store.

Implementing a wishlist feature for all kinds of stores

Not every online store must be similar to eBay, Amazon and others where you get various products. But if your online store has a subscription-based model or multiple products, then you can have a wishlist feature on your online store.

Because not all online stores are equal, every business has its aspirations and visions to leverage its outreach globally. 

A wishlist for any kind of store makes it easier for customers to quickly select products and make recurring purchases, and the next time, they can focus on exploring new products. You can read wishlist’s type here.


Wishlists have played an instrumental role in eCommerce stores to leverage sales and revenue. It is a remarkable feature for customers looking to save time and effort. And since its introduction in eCommerce world users have found it super useful and their shopping experience have transformed drastically. 

When you build your eCommerce store market research, learning about your potential customers and identifying the gaps in your eCommerce business will always lead you to a better and more defining position. You will have an opportunity to lead by an example within your industry. 

Take time, perform regular A/B testing to determine what’s working for your eCommerce business model, and implement it immediately. Every results take time but are fruitful at the end. 

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