How to display custom field values in the WP List Table in the backend

Display custom field values in the WP List Table in the backend

Custom values can not currently be displayed in the WP list; instead, users must write code in the back end. But we have an excellent solution for that. You can display custom field values in the WP list table by utilizing the plugin called Admin columns. This is a free WordPress plugin available in the plugins section.

Columns in the posts, users, media, and comments lists in the WordPress admin list can be managed and organized. The WordPress admin screen can be transformed into a beautiful and precise overview. The pro version of admin columns is also available, and it includes advanced custom fields, WooCommerce, and toolset types such as Yoast SEO.

The Admin panel improves your WordPress site’s list tables. WordPress provides list tables by default to give you an overview of the contents of the admin panel. However, this list is quite limited and contains very few functionalities. Using admin columns, you can give the admin control over what to show and what not to show. You can also create overviews that are perfectly suited for your admin panel management.

Features of Admin Column

This plugin significantly improves how you manage your WordPress admin panel. Whether you run a blog or a website, this plugin will pay for itself in minutes. All new columns are supported by admin columns for sorting on all screens and filtering on many pages. Another great feature is direct editing, which allows you to edit all types of data from the post overview.

The Admin Column pro version also allows you to import and export column setups from third-party applications. It also allows you to save your columns in PHP, eliminating the need for the admin interface. There are also third-party integrations available. Plugins such as Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, ACF, pods, and others can be easily integrated into the plugin. The Admin Column pro developer license already includes ACF and WooCommerce add-ons for easy integration and inline editing of data from these plugins.

Custom fields can be added to posts and users. There are many custom field types ready to support, such as images, files, numbers, and even user relations and posts. You can easily create a lovely overview of your customized content. Admin Column provides a set of custom fields that will automatically format your metadata for proper formatting of your custom fields.

Admin columns can easily change the lists of posts, users, media, comments, and taxonomies. The plugin supports many custom column fields, such as post-type columns, user columns, media columns, comment columns, and so on.

The best tool for modifying all of your admin panel contents in one place is the admin column plugin. The admin column is a free plugin. However, if you want complete flexibility, we recommend purchasing the pro version. The Admin Column is a fantastic way to organize your WordPress website management.

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