Useful plugins to build marketplace using Dokan

Useful plugins to build marketplace using Dokan

Dokan is known as the best front-end marketplace builder in WordPress. It has a plethora of integrations to choose from. Dokan is powered by WooCommerce which is a big player in the open-source eCommerce WordPress plugin. Dokan helps you create a marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba. Nowadays, the concept of the offline market has faded away. People prefer online shopping as comfortable and relevant it is the perfect time to dive into the marketplace market. Dokan has lots of ready-to-use plugins, which are very much useful in creating an up-to-date marketplace. Let’s have a look at the plugins which are useful to build a marketplace using Dokan.

Plugins that are useful in the creation of a better marketplace

Dokan vendor total sales

This plugin has the ability to show the vendor about the total sales of products. Dokan vendor total sales are a simple yet powerful tool to show your vendors the analysis of their total sales. All the analysis is available on the profile page and listing page of the vendor. Vendors can also see the total sale of a specific product on the product page. This plugin has the ability to automatically update sales at the time of order completion. This plugin also decreases sales when there is a refund.

Dokan vendor filter

With the help of the Dokan vendor filter plugin, customers can easily find stores on your marketplace quickly. Customers just have to enter their current location, country, state, zip code, or any other demographics. Customers can also find vendors by just adding vendors’ phone numbers. All of this information is available on a single field form. With the use of this plugin store owners can set a limit on the area range for the customers. This helps customers to find the nearest store and availability of the product. This plugin is very much useful for location refining.

ACF For Dokan

ACF for Dokan is an essential tool for creating custom fields for vendors. The full form of ACF is Advance Custom Filed. In the current scenario, the file types which are available in ACF for the Dokan plugin are textures, text, checkbox, select, number, URL, radio file, email, and WYSIWYG editor. The WYSIWYG editor is only helpful for the editing of product pages. The support service of ACF for Dokan is excellent and very quick in times of error.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

Nowadays having a Wishlist on your eCommerce store is of great advantage. Your customers can easily save products in the Wishlist for later purchases. Customers can also save their favorite products on the wish list. YTH WooCommerce Wishlist is a very popular plugin for adding wish listing functionality to your eCommerce store. This plugin has over 900,000 active installations.

WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

Offering discounts and vouchers to your loyal customers is always beneficial. With the help of WooCommerce PDF vouchers, you can create printable gift certificates for any type of campaign, whether it is offline or online. This plugin has plenty of different templates to choose from.