WooCommerce vs. Easy Digital Download

Learn more about WooCommerce vs. Easy Digital Download. With the endless list of plugins and customizable options available, WordPress is the perfect platform to develop your online store. Despite the overwhelming popularity of WooCommerce, there are numerous options available, so why just limit yourself at once when you can choose many other platforms? Easy downloads are a great option to start with. Now you might have a question in mind: what’s better?

The answer is pretty much simple when you want to sell physical products WooCommerce comes in handy, but when you are selling digital products like eBooks, MP3s, stock images, digital software, video content and so on the list is never-ending.

Well, the above answer is pretty much simplified but WooCommerce is also capable of selling digital products. So, you might get confused about what to choose. In this blog, we will discuss in brief which platform is better when. So, let’s take a go through the comparison between WooCommerce vs. Easy Digital Download

WooCommerce vs. Easy Digital Download

There is no argument that WooCommerce is a more popular download as compared to Easy Digital Download or EDD. The market share of WooCommerce is a whooping 8% and the market share of EDD is just 0.2%.

WooCommerce is acquired by the tech giant Automatics in 2015. EDD is owned by Sandhills development. Don’t get your hopes low. WooCommerce does have popularity but EDD offers a lot of hidden features that WooCommerce doesn’t. Let’s understand by categorizing them point-wise:

What products can you sell on WooCommerce vs. Easy Digital Download?

The answer to this question was answered in the beginning but there is more to that. As Easy Digital Download is specialized in digital products that don’t mean you can’t sell physical products there. Yes, you can, but it is obvious that there are many restrictions on the EDD as compared to WooCommerce.

Likewise, on WooCommerce you can also sell digital products. Here comes the limitation as in WooCommerce while adding products you need to kill many details. It is obvious that the demographics of digital and physical products are different.

So, if you are selling physical products then WooCommerce is the winner and if you are selling digital products then EDD.

What payment gateway options are available?

Both platforms support popular gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net, and 2checkout. Additionally, if need any other regional gateway option WooCommerce has Platero of extensions available as compared to EDD.

There are also many gateways available on EDD but the main problem with the majority of them is they are not well maintained.

What add-ons and themes are available on WooCommerce vs. Easy Digital Downloads?

Because of the popularity card, WooCommerce has more themes and plugins supported as compared to EDD. Let’s have a look at the numbers:

  • There are 5600 WordPress.org plugins for WooCommerce and 600 for EDD.
  • There are 2700 CodeCanyon plugins for WooCommerce and 300 for EDD.

But in the long run, if you add many plugins to your site your website might get slow. So it is advisable to add as many plugins as are required. EDD has all the necessary plugins available to get your website running. On EDD there are numerous good-looking themes available that will make your site glow.

Summary Both WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads have their own set of advantages. Both platforms are perfectly sufficient according to your needs. It is easy if you want to sell physical products you can choose WooCommerce and if you are selling digital products then Easy Digital Downloads is the perfect place for you.

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